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Executive Panel

Dr. Mahesh Bhargava

Promoter & Director
M.A., M.ED, P.H.D

Dr. Mahesh Bhargava (Born 15th Feb. 1947) M.A. (Psy.), M.Ed. and Ph.D. At present, he is National President, Praachi Psycho-cultural Research Association, Meerut; Chairman, Harprasad Institute of Behavioural Studies, Agra; Director, National  Psychological Corporation, (largest organization of developing psychological tests), Agra ; President : Indian Psychometry and Educational Research Association, Patna, Vice President, Society for Community Mobilisation for Sustained Development, New Delhi, Hony. Director Samadhan Kendra, Agra. He had been the Recorder and President, Section of Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences of Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata; Treasurer and Secretary of Indian Psychological Association (I.P.A.), New Delhi and Psycho-linguistic Association of India (PLAI), Raipur for many years and the Executive Member of a dozen of Professional Associations. Still he is associated as life member of about 50 professional organizations. He is the Editor of  `Psycho-lingua'; Joint Editor of IJPE and consulting editor of eight reputed journals of the country.

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He has published 180 research papers and theoretical articles in various reputed national journals, eleven psychological tests were developed by him, twenty two books were reviewed by him in various journals. He has edited 32 prestigious books notably ‘Dynamics of Parental Behaviour’,  ‘Glimpses of Higher Education', ‘Modern Psychology and Human life’, Prospects of Mental Health', ‘Horizon of Teacher Education‘,  ‘Emerging Trends in Education' , 'Global Issues in Teacher Education', 'Professional Competency in Teaching', 'Innovation in Modern Educational Research', 'Managing Interpersonal Communication', 'Our India : The Politico Cultural Geography' and 'Psychology for Healthy Living' etc. of well known authors of the field, besides this he has also contributed 16 books both reference and text-book in English and Hindi medium popularly known as ^vk/kqfud euksoSKkfud ijh{k.k ,oa ekiu*] ^euksfoKku f'k{kk esa lkaf[;dh ds ewy vk/kkj*] ^f'k{kk dk vFkZ'kkL=]    foRr ,oa fu;kstu*] ^mHkjrs Hkkjr esa f'k{kk*] ^rqe esjh ryk'k*] ^fof'k"V ckyd*] ‘Exceptional Children’ and ‘Towards Personality Excellence’. He has contributed about 50 articles of general nature.  He has participated in about 200 seminars and conferences and also has the experience of organizing about 40 academic programmes.

By now, to his credit, he has obtained 48 prestigious Awards+and Honours (i) Best Book Award  on ‘Exceptional Children' by Swami Pranavanand Trust of India, Patna in 1994, (ii) Mrs. Varlaxmi and Rajamanickam `Eminent Psychologist Award' of Psycho-linguistic Association of India, Raipur in 2001, (iii) `Vikal Farrukhavadi Award' of Akhil Bhartiya Meera Sahitya Sangam, Dholpur for his Valuable Services in Promoting Hindi Lyrics (dkO;/kkjk)  in 2003, (iv) For his immense contribution to Human Resource Development he has received `Psychometric Educational Service Award, 2004', (v) `Sahitya Manishi Award'   for  contributions  to  the Hindi Literature in 2005, (vi) Excellent Teacher Samman by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Sanskar, Agra. 2005, (vii) `Best Performance in Education Award 2005' by Pustak Mela Samiti (Regd.) Delhi on 19th Dec. 2005, (viii) `Recipient of S.K.M. Foundation Agra Prerak Vyaktitva Award, 2006', (ix) `Prof. V. P. Sharma Memorial Lecture Award of 2006' by PLAI for enrichment of Psychology in the Country, (x) `Prof. B. Vishwanathan Best Book Award' on `Prospects of Mental Health' by Pondicherry Psychology Association in 2007, (xi) `Prof. Anima Sen Memorial  Lecture Awards of ISCA, Kolkata in 2007', (xii) `Life Time Achievement Award 2007' by  Manthan Foundation Agra for extraordinary and laudable contribution to society, (xiii) Saraswat Samman' and (xiv) Dulare Lal Bhargava, Sahityakar Samman 2007' by Akhil Bhartiya Ageet Parishad, Lucknow for promoting Hindi Lyrics, (xv) ``Awarded Rashtriya Gaurav Samman 2007 by Akhil Bhartiya Rashtra Bhasha Sangathan, Ghaziabad. (xvi) Periyar Memorial Award of ``Psychologist of Eminence' 2007 by Periyar University, Salem (T.N.), (xvii) Prof. K. Sivadasan Pillai Memorial Distinguished Educationist Award of 2007 by  Council of   Teacher Education (C.T, E.), Bhopal, (xviii) Parmeshwari Dayal-Indra Devi Award of 2007 of Akhil Bhartiya Bhargava Shabha, N. Delhi for highlighting the name of Bhargava Samaj in national map, (xix) `Scholar of Wisdom Award 2007' by Indian Academy for Instructional Planning, Indore, (xx) `Life Time Achievement Award, 2007' of  Gujrat Academy of Psychology, Ahmedabad, (xxi) Hindi Hit Chintak Award, 2007 by Anand Mangalam Literary Organization, Agra, (xxii) Platinum Jubilee Lecture 2008 of Indian Science Congress, Kolkata, (xxiii) Kala Ratan Award, by Kriti Kala Sansthan, Agra 2008, (xxiv) Sahitya Bhushan Samman by Sahitya Parivar, Bangalore, 2008, (xxv) Rajiv Gandhi State Award for Best Rehabilitation Psychologist by Rajiv Gandhi Puraskar Samiti, Varanasi, 2008,  (xxvi) Dwarka Prashad Maheswari Award 2008, by Sanskar Bharti Natya Kendra, Agra. (xxvii) Bal Sahitya Shri Award, 2008 by Bal Sahitya Sansthan, Lucknow, (xxviii) Shri Amrit Lal Nagar Samman 2008 by A.B.A.P. Lucknow, (xxix) for giving revolutionary Changes in the social and national system, honoured by Akhil Bharat Vyacharik Kranti Manch, Lucknow 2008 (xxx) Ultimate Mental Health Professional Award 2008 by Health Ultimate Research Organization , Kolkata, (xxxi) Honoured by ISCA Kolkata to deliver the special Invited Lectures in the sections of Anthropological and  Behavioural Sciences and Environmental Sciences 2009. (xxxii) Manovigyan Manishi Award by Akhil Bhartiya Sahitya Parishad, Rajasthan, Kota, (xxxiii) Myushekar Sareda  Award by Baseer Ahmed Mayukh Kota in 2009, (xxxiv) Kavya Shromani and Makhan Lal Chaturvedi Summan by Sahitya and Kala Parishad, Gwalior, 2009, (xxxv) ShikhaSahitya  Manishi Upadhi 2010 by Sahitya Mandal, Srinathdwara (Rajasthan), (xxxvi) Sahitya Mahopadhyaya Upadhi, 2010 by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag (Allahabad), (xxxvii) Prof. S. S. Jalota Best Psychologist Award 2010 by R. S. Shukla University, Raipur,  Dr.  Sadhana   Sharma Vidya   Manishi  Samman  by  A. P. T. T. C.,  Agra in 2011.

Dr. Bhargava has the dynamic personality and has contributed to the society as an author, editor, writer, poet, organizer and leader. With his clear vision, honest approach and positive thinking, he has given the World of Psychology, Education and Home Science a wonderful contribution. He is also known by the noble contribution in the field of Psychometry and Educational Assessment. 

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Dr. Vivek Bhargava

Assistant Director (Marketing)
M.A.(Psy), P.H.D.

Dr. Vivek Bhargava (Born, 24th Jan. 1973) M.A. (Psy.) Ph.D. is at present, Asst. Director, National Psychological  Corporation (A Leading organization of developing psychological tests and  research tools in the Country). He was recorder of section of Anthropological & Behavioural Sciences. The Indian Science Congress Kolkata, General Secretary of Harprasad Institute of Behavioural Studies (HIBS), Agra, National General  Secretary of Psycho-linguistics Association of India (PLAI). He is the Consultant  and advisor of two Psychological clinics in Agra-SamadhanKendra and Manodisha.

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He is the Editor of renowned Quarterly Magazine ‘Shikha Mitra’ and Executive Editor of Psycho-lingua journal and Co-editor of the Edited Book ‘Modern Psychology & Human Life’.

He has by now published about 25 research and theoretical articles, he has prepared a number of manuals for widely used psychological instruments and also prepared the various types of Instructional materials like CD’s, transparencies for teaching. His one test - Career Preference Record [Hindi/English] is very widely used. He has the good ability of authorship also. He has written Nine books for undergraduates and P.G. Students, notable among them are ‘Handbook of Psychological Experiments and Testing’, A Handbook of Resource centers Laboratories Requirements ‘Elementary Statistics in Education & Psychology’, ‘Education and Learning Through Computer’, Dimensions of Value Education euksfoKku rFkk f'k{kk esa iz;ksx ,oa ijh{k.k] 'kSf{kd euksfoKku] euksfoKkfud ekifu;k¡] f'k{kk ,oa laLÏfrA

He has received ‘Professional Commitment Award 2007’ by Indian Academy for Instructional Planning (IAIP) Indore, ‘Best Book Award 2008’ on Shaikshik Manovigyan (Hindi) was given by Gujrat Academy of Psychology, Ahmedabad, Psychometric Educational Services Award 2008 was given by Pondicherry Psychology Association, Puducherry. He achieved Anand - K.P. Bhagwat Memorial Award of 2009 of Best Psychological Experiment by IPERA, Patna and Bhargava Sabha Vishesh Puruskar 2010 by Akhil Bhartiya Bhargava Sabha New Delhi and Yuva Rashtriya Pratibha Samman by Akhil Bhartiya Rasthra Bhasha Vikas Sangathan Ghaziabad 2008.

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Dr. Rajshree Bhargava

Assistant Director(Academic)
M.Sc. (H.Sc.), P.H.D. (Psychology)

Rajshree Bhargava (Born 8th Jan. 1975) M.Sc. Extention Education, Ph.D(Psychology).
At Present Director ‘Samadhan Kendra’ (Psychological Assessment and Counselling Center) Assisstant Director (Academic) National Psychological Corporation(Largest House of Indian Psychological Test), Joint Editor ‘Shikshamitra’ Quarterly Journal of Education and Psychology. Member of about Eight Professional Association.
She has published about 25 articles in various journals and edited books , 3 psychological tools namely  I- ‘career preference record’, II- Learning disability battery and III- ‘ADHD Evaluation Form’. She has also authored or co authored about 10 books to her credit she has obtained VI Awards :

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  1. Smt. Lajwanti Magon Memorial Gold Medal, by University of Rajathan, Jaipur.
  2. Bhuvaneshwari Devi Parmeshwari Nath Award in 110th Conference of All Indian Bhargava Sabha , New Delhi .
  3. Best Counsellor Award by Gujarat Academic of Psychology, Ahmedabad.
  4. Professional Commitment Award 2013 was given by Indian Academy of Instructional Planning. Indore
  5. Dr. Govind Tiwari Memorial Award 2014 of Special Educationist was given by IPERA, Patna.
14th Mrs. Varalakshmi and Prof. M. RajaManikam Veteran Eminent Psychologist Award 2014 given Psycholinguistic Association of India,Agra
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Piyush Bhargava

Assistant Director (Production)
M.B.A. (Marketing)