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About NPC India

National Psychological Corporation (NPC) which was established in 1971 with its Head Office at UG-1, Nirmal Heights, Agra-282 007, is now recognized as a well-known centre of largest house of developing the various psychological and educational tests. It has published and distributes a number of text books, research and reference books in the field of Psychology and Education and arranging a variety of Psychological instruments and educational aids to many educational institutions, guidance and counselling centers, hospitals and industries, practising psychologists, clinical and school psychologists, psychiatrists and medical professionals not only in all parts of the country but to neighbouring countries also. During the period of 50 years journey, this center has published about 975 tests, scales and inventories and also distributing more than 100 tests of various areas of psychological assessment of leading Indian psychologists and educationists. Therefore, the maximum range of standardized psychological tests and educational scales are available in various branches of human assessment.

Because of the prompt service, honest and fair dealing, providing experts advice and appropriate guidance to the needy users, considering the ethical aspects and the value of the psychological measures, the quality production with accuracy, reasonable rate structure and taking high spirit of academic and professional service to the society, this centre has attained its excellence in all phases. It is almost recognized by the many universities, colleges, research institutes, guidance and counselling centres, Govt. agencies for its excellence, resulting in earning the name and fame.

Psychological tests are the backbone of guidance and counselling services, total human assessment and understanding one’s behaviour. Until and unless, the human behaviour is not properly assessed at any level with the appropriate use of various psychological tests, it is futile effort to think of the success of guidance and counselling programmes. Therefore, this organization has a great contribution to the field of guidance, counselling and extension of research in the country. Development of psychological tests is the main role and functions of this organization. This organization has taken an initiative to start psychological clinics, SAMADHAN KENDRA at Shop No. 4, G.F. 20/4, Maruti Tower, Sanjay Place, Agra-282 002.