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Dr. Vivek Bhargava
M.A., (Psy.), Ph.D.

Dr. Vivek Bhargava (Born, 24th Jan. 1973) M.A., (Psy.), Ph.D. is Prop. National Psychological Corporation (A Leading organization of developing psychological tests and research tools in the Country). He was recorder of section of Anthropological &Behavioural Sciences. The Indian Science Congress Kolkata, Chairman of Harprasad Institute of Behavioural Studies (HIBS), Agra, National General Secretary of Psycho-linguistics Association of India (PLAI). He is the Consultant and advisor of Psychological clinics in Agra-Samadhan Kendra.

He is the Editor of renowned Quarterly Magazine ‘ShikhaMitra’ and Executive Editor of Psycho-lingua journal, joint compiler hand Book of Intelligence (Concept, Theories, Assessment & Application)

He has by now published about 30 research and theoretical articles, he has prepared a number of manuals for widely used psychological instruments and also prepared the various types of Instructional materials like CD's, transparencies, charts, Flash cards for teaching. His one test - Career Preference Record is very widely used more than 25. Instrutional Manual of different apparatus & experiments. He has the good ability of authorship also. He has written 15 books for undergraduates and P.G. Students, notable among them are 'Handbook of Psychological Experiments and Testing'. A Handbook of Resource centers Laboratories Requirements 'Elementary Statistics in Education & Psychology', 'Education and Learning Through Computer', Dimensions of Value Education मनोविज्ञान तथा षिक्षा में प्रयोग एवं परीक्षण, शैक्षिक मनोविज्ञान, मनोवैज्ञानिक मापनियाँ, षिक्षा एवं संस्कृति, सामाजिक मनोविज्ञान।

He has received 'Professional Commitment Award 2007' by Indian Academy for Instructional Planning (AIP) Indore. 'Best Book Award 2008' on ShaikshikManovigyan (Hindi) was given by Gujrat Academy of Psychology, Ahmedbad, Psychometric Educational Services Award 2008 was given by Pondicherry Psychology Assocation, Puducherry. He achieved Anand - K. P. Bhagwat Memorial Award of 2009 of Best Psychological Experiment by IPERA, Patna and BhargavaSabhaVisheshPuruskar 2010 by AkhilBhartiyaBhargavaSabha New Delhi and YuvaRashtriyaPratibhaSamman by AkhilBhartiyaRasthraBhashaVikasSangathan Ghaziabad 2008. साहित्य मण्डल श्रीनाथद्वारा (राज.) द्वारा सम्पादक रत्न की मानद उपाधि-2015.